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1.Tianjin's Zhao Fangxin wasted three free throws to tie the game when they trailed at 76-79 in overtime.。
2.Opening a club in the urban area, Feng hoped more and more young people in China will have the opportunity to know and start to play golf.。
3.Many young players burst into tears after the game, and Ji could not hold back her own.。
4.To open a club is a milestone for Feng and its significance may be no less than a trophy. As a golfer born and raised in Guangzhou, Feng has always hoped to be an ambassador for golf in her hometown.。
5."I felt tired, but I had no complaint about it," she said.。
6.Fans are discussing possible successors for Loew, whose contract expires in 2022. The former Schalke and Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick and German under-21 coach Stefan Kuntz have been mentioned.。


1.Li Yueru shot 13 of 17 from the field to contribute 27 points and 20 rebounds for the winner. Shanxi was unable to contain Li Yueru's glittering play, thus seeing little hope of a comeback in the second half.。
2.The 27-year-old Dutchwoman clocked 29 minutes, 36.67 seconds to win the 25-lap race, chopping almost 25 seconds off the previous European record of 30:01.09 set by Britain's Paula Radcliffe in 2002.。
3.LA PAZ, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- The rarefied air of La Paz will provide Bolivia with a clear advantage over Argentina when the teams meet in their 2022 World Cup qualifier here on Tuesday, Albiceleste manager Lionel Scaloni said on Sunday.。
4.A pair of free throws from Guo extended Hebei's advantage to 10 points midway through the second quarter.。
5.The prospect of a Schumacher returning to Formula one nearly 20 years after Michael Schumacher made his debut in 1991 is not only in Germany greeted enthusiastically.。
6."It will be hard as it's our third game in just a few days, but we are prepared for that. Bit by bit we are getting into our best shape and I'm ready for whatever they need," he concluded. Enditem。


1.Opening a club in the urban area, Feng hoped more and more young people in China will have the opportunity to know and start to play golf.。
2."I have seen more and more young parents bring their children to play golf, which makes me believe golf will have a bright future in China," she said. Enditem。
3.Along with her students, Wang staged her stunning freestyle football tricks in a gala for the celebration of the one-year countdown to the 2021 China's National Games on Sept. 15.。
4.JERUSALEM, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Czech Republic beat Israel 2-1 on the road on Sunday in Group B2 of the UEFA's Nations League.。
5."Our players prepared well and did a good job today," said Shaanxi coach Jiang E'Ying.。
6."I used to like the international games as it was something different and I will keep working to get back," commented the forward, who said he had a "very good" relationship with Spain national team coach Luis Enrique.。


1、First reports speak of the current Formula 2 driver getting offered a seat in Formula 1 for next year's racing series. Rumors talk of Alfa Romeo signing the young German aside from Kimi Raikkonen.。
2、Scotland is leading Group 2 of League B with seven points, the Czechs have six in second place, Israel has two in third.。
3、Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrates with the trophy during the awarding ceremony after winning the men's singles final match against Novak Djokovic of Serbia at the French Open tennis tournament 2020 at Roland Garros in Paris, France, Oct. 11, 2020. (Xinhua/Gao Jing)。
4、Liu Jiacen pocketed a game-high 29 points and 10 rebounds. Cao Junwei led Shandong in points (26), rebounds (5), and assists (4).。
5、Winless after the first two rounds, both sides are desperate to halt their stalemate coming into the 2020-21 season.。


Italy added another in the 30th minute when El Shaarawy found the net with the outside of his boot.!


  • 才停 10-23

    Temwa Chawinga broke the deadlock for Wuhan in the 26th minute, taking advantage of an error from a Jiangsu defender in the penalty area and lobbing the ball into the net. Jiangsu wasted a chance to level the game in the 38th minute as Ni Mengjie missed a penalty.

  • 副其 10-22

    Graca highlighted several examples, including the men's senior national volleyball teams coach support projects for India and Pakistan, which helped both teams reach the final eight of the 2019 Asian Men's Volleyball Championship. Enditem

  • 一只 10-21

    "We would like all athletes to focus on their practise without worries," said Muto. Enditem

  • 如一 10-20

    "Defense is quite vital in such an intense game," he noted.

  • 在神 10-19

    "I hope more and more young people, especially girls, will fall in love with football and seek a beautiful life through me sharing my story online," Wang told Xinhua.

  • 都将 10-18

    The 30-year-old former professional footballer is now a teacher at Xi'an Sports Collage, a freestyle footballer, and an internet celebrity who has around 230,000 followers on Douyin, a Chinese video sharing platform under Tiktok's parent company ByteDance.

  • 青木 10-17

    The source also indicated that it was because Lim's promises regarding signings had not been fulfilled.

  • 来速 10-16

    "I've battled with Dani [Alves] for a place in the team and that has made me a better player. I'm playing well for my club, I'm happy, and I think that everything that I've experienced in football until now has given me what I need to be able to pay for Brazil's national team and have more continuity."

  • 时再 10-15

    "It was good to decompress the situation a little bit and send strength to all Argentines."

  • 实力 10-14

    The 18-year-old Chang defeated Irish teenager Aaron Hill 4-2 in the first round.

  • 入罪 10-13

    Ukraine pulled one goal back with a penalty by Ruslan Malinovskyi.

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